Central Bedfordshire Council Constitution

Central Bedfordshire Council Constitution

Contents of the Central Bedfordshire Council Constitution

Contents Page (1 KB)

Part A The Constitution

Part A1 - Summary (1 KB)
Part A2 - Purpose of the Constitution (1 KB)
Part A3 - Members of the Council (1 KB)
Part A4 - Citizens and the Council (1 KB)
Part A5 - Review and Revision of the Constitution (1 KB)
Part A6 - Suspension, Interpretation and Publication of the Constitution (1 KB)

Part B The Council

Part B1 - Functions of the Full Council (1 KB)
Part B2 - The Budget and Policy Framework (1 KB)
Part B3 - Budget and Policy Framework Procedure Rules (1 KB)
Part B4 - Chairing the Council (1 KB)
Part B5 - Full Council Procedure Rules (1 KB)
Part B6 - Local Choice Functions (1 KB)

Part C The Executive

Part C1 - Executive Arrangements (1 KB)
Part C2 - Key Decisions and the Forward Plan (1 KB)
Part C3 - Executive Functions (1 KB)
Part C4 - Executive Procedure Rules (1 KB)

Part D Overview and Scrutiny

Part D1 - Overview and Scrutiny Arrangements and Terms of Reference (1 KB)
Part D2 - Extract from the Overview and Scrutiny Procedure Rules (1 KB)

Part E Regulatory and Other Committees

Part E1 - Appointment of Committees (1 KB)
Part E2 - Committee Terms of Reference (1 KB)
Part E3 - Committee Procedure Rules (1 KB)

Part F Ethical Governance

Part F1 - The Council's Code of Conduct for Members (1 KB)
Part F2 - Arrangements for dealing with Standards Allegations under the Localism Act 2011 (1 KB)
Part F3 - Code of Conduct for Officers (1 KB)
Part F4 - Protocol for Member/Officer Relations (1 KB)
Part F5 - Monitoring Officer Protocols (1 KB)

Part G Decision Making and Access to Information

Part G1 - Decision Making (1 KB)
Part G2 - Access to Information (1 KB)

Part H Officers of the Council

Part H1 - Officers (1 KB)
Part H2 - Management Structure (1 KB)
Part H3 - Scheme of Delegation by the Council and by the Executive to Directors and Officers (1 KB)
Part H4 - Officer Employment Procedure Rules (1 KB)

Part I Finance, Contracts and Legal Matters

Part I1 - Finance, Contracts and Legal Matters (1 KB)
Part I2 - Code of Financial Governance (1 KB)
Part I3 - Code of Procurement Governance (1 KB)
Part I4 - Anti-Fraud Strategy (1 KB)

Part J Partnership Agreements

Part J1 - Area Committees and Forums (1 KB)
Part J2 - Joint Arrangements (1 KB)
Part J3 - Partnership Protocols (1 KB)

Part K - Scheme of Members' Allowances (1 KB)

Ethical Handbook (1 KB)

Glossary (1 KB)