Issue - meetings

Issue - meetings

Annual Safeguarding Report 2017-2018


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Consider and comment on the annual report of the Safeguarding Adults Board 2017/18, with a particular focus on how awareness raising and knowledge of adult safeguarding could be improved for the public and within the wider community.


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The Independent Chairman of the Bedford and Central Bedfordshire Safeguarding Adults Board introduced its statutory annual report.  The report outlined the achievements, challenges and future plans as well as summarising continued concerns.


Despite strong partnership working, there were instances where the safeguarding teams had been called upon to deal with matters for Mental Health agencies and welfare teams.  Of 600 concerns, 27 went on to be section 42 Inquiries.  The Board had planned to delivery training and pathways to help each agency take the right course of action.  A triage system would also be developed to direct partners to the correct agency.   Other key issues raised included:-

·         that in the case of a failure in the care market, the Council and BCCG had emergency plans in place to fill a deficiency.

·         Safeguard checks on care institutions where life had been lost or was threaten.

·         Care of vulnerable inmates at Bedford Prison.


In response to questions raised by Members, the Chairman provided the following responses:-


·         The Chairman would take back the suggestion to engage with Housing Associations to safeguard vulnerable residents. 

·         A mapping exercise to identify if high incidents of safeguarding concerns.



1.    Like to see better mechanism to ensure in conjunction with partners that the right concerns are referred to the local adult safeguarding team.

2.    See developed in conjunction with partners a clearer path for those with Mental Health Issues.

3.    Emphasis and agree the need to ensure a continuing focus on domestic abuse.

4.    Encourage the collection of data to do a mapping exercise to determine if there is a collaboration between issues of self neglect and areas of deprivation.

5.    Recommend extending the boards reach to housing associations.