Issue - meetings

Issue - meetings

Risk Update Report

Meeting: 19/11/2018 - AUDIT COMMITTEE (Item 23)

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To consider an overview of the Council’s risk position as at October 2018.


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The Committee considered a report which provided an overview of the Council’s risk position as at October 2018.


Points and comments included:


·         At Appendix B to the report some strategic risks had been updated with further detail regarding ‘Mitigating Actions Already Underway’ and ‘Further Action Planned’.  There were no significant changes with regard to the scoring of those risks.

·         With regard to operational risks, Appendix C represented the first iteration of a revised risk reporting process based on the priority risks arising from Directorate registers.

·         A Member commented that the top three strategic risks had held this position for over a year and asked if this risk level could have been expected to fall as a result of the mitigation measures being taken.  The Head of Internal Audit and Risk responded that a significant review of strategic risk was planned for early January 2019 and he expected relevant information to come forward at that point.

·         The possibility of the relevant Scrutiny Committees being requested to seek information from Directors on what mitigation measures they were taking was suggested.  The Chairman reminded the meeting that the Audit Committee could ask officers to attend and answer questions.  The Director of Resources stated that the Audit Committee was responsible for the Risk Management function.  Whilst a particular risk could be referred to a Scrutiny Committee he felt that asking a Director to attend the Audit Committee was a better way forward if an issue such as mitigation was not being addressed.  He added that the January review should address Members’ concerns but, if it did not, then the Committee could request a Director’s attendance.  Members concurred with this approach.

·         The Vice-Chairman referred to the risk, which was not referred to in the report, that the utility companies would be unable to the supply essential services required under the Council’s regeneration programme and the detrimental impact this would have.  He queried whether this issue had been investigated.  The Chairman indicated that this point should be referred to the Council’s Regeneration team.  A Member commented that the Committee’s earlier discussion above on the calling of a Director to attend the Committee was also applicable in this situation.



Central Bedfordshire Council’s risk position as at October 2018.