Agenda and minutes

Agenda and minutes

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Election of Vice-Chairman for the year 2013 - 14



The Board were invited to make nominations for Vice-Chairman of the Health and Wellbeing Board. 


Dr Paul Hassan was nominated and seconded.  He was therefore appointed Vice-Chairman of the Health and Wellbeing Board.




that Dr Paul Hassan be elected Vice-Chairman of the Health and Wellbeing Board for 2013-14.




Chairman's Announcements and Communications

To receive any announcements from the Chairman and any matters of communication.



The Chairman welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the Central Bedfordshire Health and Wellbeing Board since becoming a formal Committee of the Council, and introductions were made.




Minutes pdf icon PDF 74 KB

To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the last meeting held on 21 March 2013 and note actions taken since that meeting.





That the minutes of the meeting of the Central Bedfordshire Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board held on 21 March 2013 be confirmed and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.





Promoting Independence and Choice pdf icon PDF 119 KB

To note progress towards promoting independence, choice and control for adults and older people.



The Board received a report on progress with Promoting Independence, Choice and Control for Adults and Older People, which was a priority identified in the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.


In relation to improving outcomes for Frail Older People as reported to the Board in March, a workshop was planned for June to identify actions required.  A report would be brought to the 5 September meeting setting out clear steps, milestones and delivery mechanisms.  In addition, examples of what is happening to individuals would be shown to the Board.


The Head of Service, Old People/Physical Disability provided the Board with an overview of the key actions relating to Promoting Independence and Choice:


The Board noted the following achievements:


·        The strengthened reablement service and joint working between the Council and the NHS, had resulted in reduction of residential placements from 525 to 506 in 1 year.

·        Reablement had been strengthened through the new Urgent Homecare and Falls Response Service.

·        The creation of extra care homes in the Dukeminster area was being commissioned.

·        That access to advice and advocacy through a single provider had been in place from 1 April 2013

·        That Central Bedfordshire Council had exceeded the 70% national target for personal budgets

·        That the direct payment processes were being reviewed to help widen the options available

·        The Alzheimer’s Society had reconfigured its service and was offering peer support groups, an information advice line for whole of Central Bedfordshire and Singing for the Brain again for the whole of Central Bedfordshire

·        Closer working with Carers in Bedfordshire to offer seamless support

·        Discharge from hospital the step up process through Greenacres has been successful in the southern half of Central Bedfordshire


The Board was keen to see these foundations built upon.




1.            that the progress towards promoting independence, choice and control for adults and older people be noted.


2.            that a report be brought to the 5 September meeting to outline the clear steps, milestones and delivery mechanisms in relation to improving outcomes for Frail Older People.




Helping people to make healthy lifestyle choices pdf icon PDF 131 KB

To receive and comment upon the current position and progress towards delivering this priority within the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy.



The Board received a report which outlined progress against priority 7 of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.


The Director of Public Health reminded the Board that “Helping people to make healthy lifestyle choices” was a key priority for both the NHS through the “Delivering Your Plan – our plan for Central Bedfordshire 2012 – 2016” and the Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Groups’ Commissioning Plan.


The following significant areas were highlighted:

·        Support to help people to stop smoking through good access to services and tobacco control

·        Providing access to free weight loss programmes in the community and ensure that the built environment and leisure services support people to be physically active

·        Helping people who want to make changes to their lifestyle by making every contact count

·        Early identification and treatments to prevent or delay the consequence of disease through NHS Health Checks to all eligible 40 – 74 year olds

·        Supporting people to reduce their drinking to safe levels through community based support

·        Supporting people with substance misuse difficulties through access to effective substance misuse services


The Board noted that the performance of one acute trust was giving cause for concern and the BCCG undertook to raise this with the Trust concerned.


The Board agreed that the recommendations in the report should be converted into a specific action plan.




1.      that the progress to date to deliver priority 7: Helping people make healthy lifestyle choices, be noted.


2.      that the specific deliverables to promote Making Every Contact Count (MECC) across organisations be outlined.


3.      that the delivery of a preventative approach by promoting healthy lifestyle choices is embedded within strategies and commissioning across the health, social care, community and voluntary sectors, be supported.


4.      that the challenging of perceptions around harmful and hazardous drinking, which effects all elements of society and is not confined to vulnerable groups and young people, be supported.


5.      that the BCCG representatives, on behalf of the Board, support and actively encourage all practices to meet stop smoking and Health Check targets.


6.      that Central Bedfordshire Council and Health staff are supported to make healthy lifestyle choices, be agreed.




Role and responsibilities of NHS England Area Team pdf icon PDF 1 MB

To receive and comment upon the role and responsibilities of the NHS Engalnd Area Team.



The Board received a presentation which provided an overview of the role and responsibilities of NHS England Area Team, Hertfordshire & South Midlands. 


The Director of Finance, NHS England Area Team confirmed that the team were conscious of the need and keep to engage on the local level.  The Board acknowledged that it was early days with the transition from PCTs to CCGs.


The Board noted that in addition to the areas outlined in the presentation, the Area Team would be working to deliver the following:

·        A locally based approach to commissioning

·        Integration of care between the councils and clinical commissioning groups to improve outcomes for patients

·        Effective safeguarding through membership of Safeguarding Boards and the establishment of Safeguarding Forums


The Director of Finance confirmed that he would provide reports to the Board on work being done and undertook to clarify the arrangements for health-related capital investment in the context of the Council’s emerging Development Plan.  The Board sought clarification too of the arrangements envisaged for safeguarding the health of children.


A copy of the presentation is attached to the minutes at Appendix A.




Child Death Overview Panel Annual Report pdf icon PDF 163 KB

To receive a presentation.



The Board received a presentation on the Child Death Annual Report 2011 – 2012.  The Manager of the Bedfordshire & Luton Child Death Overview Process, NHS Bedfordshire explained how the deaths were recorded and the process for reviewing the deaths to determine any possible modifiable factors.


The Director of Children’s Services confirmed that the arrangements were sound and that when necessary she became involved.


The Board were asked to help with providing a consistent message that babies should sleep in their cots for the first six months of their lives, thus reducing the number of cot deaths.  Central Bedfordshire did not have any of these cases during 2011 – 2012.


A copy of the presentation is attached to the minutes at Appendix B.




Partnership Board Update pdf icon PDF 62 KB

To receive a verbal report.

Additional documents:



The Board received the final report of the Healthier Together Project, which was comprised of six Clinical Working Groups, which concluded at the end of March 2013.


The Accountable Officer, Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group drew the Board’s attention to the recommendation of the Clinical Senate, which stated:


“having considered all of the work undertaken and the differing views expressed, the Clinical Senate recommends a strategic direction of:


·        A minimum of three hospital sites across the South East Midlands where the focus is more on urgent and emergency care

·        Up to two remaining sites developing a focus on planned care.


The Board noted that work would continue with the Bedford, Milton Keynes and Luton & Dunstable hospitals relating to maintaining services for residents of Central Bedfordshire.




Healthwatch Report pdf icon PDF 76 KB

To note the report.



The Board received a report from the Chairman of Healthwatch Central Bedfordshire, which provided an overview of how the organisation would work and develop since coming into existence on 1 April 2013.


It was noted that Healthwatch was comprised of two parts.  The first was the nationally focused Healthwatch England and the second was the 152 community focused local Healthwatches.


The Board noted the six main proactive activities of Healthwatch Central Bedfordshire as follows:

·        Gathering views and understanding the experiences of people who use services, carers and the wider community

·        Making people’s views known

·        Promoting and supporting the involvement of local people in the commissioning of local care services and how they are scrutinized

·        Recommending the investigation or special review of services through Healthwatch England or directly to the Care Quality Commission

·        Providing advice and information about access to services and support for making informed choices

·        Making the views and experiences of people known to Healthwatch England and Local Healthwatch organisations


The Board welcomed the approach outlined.




That the report be noted.




Public Participation

To receive any questions, statements or deputations from members of the public in accordance with the Procedure as set out in Part A4 of the Constitution.



There were no questions, statements or deputations made by members of the public.




Work Programme pdf icon PDF 58 KB

To consider and approve the work plan.


A forward work plan ensures that the Health and Wellbeing Board remains focused on key priorities areas and activities to deliver improved outcomes for the people of Central Bedfordshire.

Additional documents:



The Board considered a report from the Chief Executive, Central Bedfordshire Council that set out a suggested work programme for 2013 – 2014.


The Board noted that the following items would be added to the programme for the 5 September meeting:


·        Steps, milestones and delivery mechanisms to improve outcomes for Frail Older People

·        Process for Promoting Independence and Choice




That the work programme for the Health and Wellbeing Board be approved.