Agenda item

Agenda item

Report on Activity during 2013 of Early Years Reference Group

To receive an update on activity by the Early Years Reference Group during 2013.



The Forum received a report which provided an update on the activity of the Early Years Reference Group.


The Head of Child Poverty and Early Intervention provided the Forum with an overview of the work carried out by the Early Years Reference Group over the past year.  In particular the following areas were highlighted:


·                Biggest 2 year old initiative

o    Ensuring the original target of 20% (449) places for the most deprived 2 year olds from September 2013;

o    From September 2014, this will be 40% (889) places

o    Providing the places was not the difficulty but rather finding children to use the places

o    Summer 2014 approximately high 300s for places taken up

o    3yr olds to 4yr olds 98%


The Forum noted that there had been no change to the overall funding formula however minor changes in the funding level had been noted during 2013.  There was a one off payment of an additional 10p per child/hour in the base rate paid, due to available carry forward.  It was noted that the formula had remained static since its introduction. 


From 2014/15 it is proposed that an additional 5p per child/hour, which the Early Years Reference Group considered at its March meeting.  In addition an additional payment of 20p per child/hour will be considered for Social Deprivation raising the payment in those areas to 40p per child/hour.  A table showing the new rates was set out in paragraph 6 of the report.


There were three levels of funding available for social deprivation.  The funding was based on the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) using January 2013 data and was distributed based on the child’s level of deprivation using their postcode.


·                40p per hour for the 0-30% most disadvantaged (increased by 20p from 2014/15)

·                15p per hour for 31-60% disadvantaged (increased by 5p from 2014/15)

·                0p per hour for the remaining 61-100%


The quality factor applies to PVIs only and is at three levels:


·                20p per hour for qualified teacher (QTS) and early years graduate with early years professional status (EYP)

·                15p per hour to an early years graduate without EYP and

·                10p per hour to a level 4


Nursery and Lower schools receive a substantial Lump Sum which is not paid to PVIs, and Rates costs were also covered for Maintained Settings.


It was noted that Tribal was now used thus reducing the amount of paper.

The Support Strategy had been approved for use where intensive support for settings who require improvement or are inadequate.


The EYRG had considered the Government documents called More Great Childcare and More Affordable Childcare.  It was noted that no substantive changes required in Central Bedfordshire as localised rules had not been included in the funding framework.


The local agreement had been updated and approved by the EYRG to cover two, three and four year olds.  Concerns were expressed at the appropriateness of two year olds in school settings in some circumstances.


The Childcare Funding Panel had met on three occasions during 2013 and approved the following funding:


Inclusion:                              £45,436

New Childcare Places:       £ 76,800 (including places for 2 year olds)

Quality Improvements:        £ 44,214

Sustainability:                       £117,611

Capital for Two year old Expansion: £210,000




1.     The activity of the Early Years Reference Group be noted.


2.     The use of Contingency to increase the base rate be agreed in principle.



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