Agenda item

Agenda item

Draft Budget and Medium Term Financial Plan 2017/18 - 20/21.

To consider the relevant aspects of the draft Budget and updated Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP).    Members are requested to review the report and provide their comments, observations and recommendations in respect of the Executive’s proposals with particular reference to those aspects within the remit of the Committee, to the meeting of the Executive.


To reduce printing papers copies of the Executive report on the draft Budget and updated MTFP the reports are available online at the following address:-


Hard copies of these papers will only be provided on request in advance of the meeting.


Executive papers can also be accessed by using the app on devices.



The Chairman drew Members’ attention to appendices F and G which detailed the primary statutory provisions relevant to the services provided by each directorate and the Chief Finance Officer’s assessment of Council Reserves. Members were reminded of the importance of their understanding of each of these elements so that when making recommendations they were doing so on a fully informed basis.


In light of the report Members discussed the following in summary:-

·         That a cautious approach be taken to future budget provisions in view of the NNDR localisation proposals.

·         That concerns on pressures to pension contributions be noted.

·         The efficiencies proposed through transformation programmes ensure improved services for our residents.

·         That current reserves held were adequate but not excessive.

·         That Members supported the 3%, 3%, 0% social care precept proposal over the next three years.

·         The majority of Members supported the revised proposal of a 1.5% increase in Council Tax.



1.      That the Committee recognise the financial challenges and proposed efficiencies presented in the Draft Budget and Medium Term Financial Plan.

2.      The Committee agreed that the Executive consider increasing the general element of Council Tax by 1.5%. 

3.       That the Executive consider increasing Council Tax by 3% for the Adult Social Care precept for two years with a 0% increase in the third year.


Supporting documents: