Agenda item

Agenda item

Draft Budget, Medium Term Financial Plan 2017/18 - 20/21


To consider the relevant aspects of the draft Budget and updated Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) pertaining to remit of this Committee only.  Information relating to those aspects of the budget outside of the Committee’s remit will be considered by the other relevant Overview and Scrutiny Committees.  Members are requested to review the report and provide their comments, observations and recommendations in respect of the Executive’s proposals with particular reference to those aspects within the remit of the Committee, to the meeting of the Executive.


To reduce printing papers copies of the Executive report on the draft Budget and updated MTFP the reports are available online at the following address:-

Hard copies of these papers will only be provided on request in advance of the meeting.


Executive papers can also be accessed by using the app on devices.




The Head of Financial Services introduced Executive Report that highlighted the financial pressures, proposed efficiency saving and public consultation timelines in relation to the Draft Budget and Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP).  Members’ attention was drawn to appendices F and G which detailed the primary statutory provisions relevant to the services provided by each directorate and the Chief Finance Officer’s assessment of Council Reserves.


The Assistant Director Resources delivered a presentation that highlighted in detail the financial pressures and efficiencies proposed.


In light of the report and presentation, Members discussed the following in summary:-

·         The Draft Budget assumed a Social Care Precept of 2% over three years.  The Provisional Financial Settlement enabled a move to a 3%, 3%, 0% precept over the next three years and would create a reserve specifically for SCHH generated from the 1% increase to the ASC Precept.  In addition, the Council would receive a one off grant of £869K that would be reflected in the final budget.

·         Whether the provision for homelessness was adequate.  The Assistant Director for Housing reassured the Committee that the assumptions were based on best estimates. 

·         Concern that the Work Choice scheme subsidised by the Government would stop. The Assistant Director Resources advised that Economic Development colleagues were involved to help find a solution in conjunction with employers.

·         That the MANOP team continue in their search for development opportunities.

·         That officers continue to develop IT business systems and ensure they are fit for purpose

·         Support the concept of a Trading Company and noted a report be submitted to a future meeting of the Committee.




The Committee:-


1.    Approves the approach to the draft Budget and Medium Term Financial Plan 2017/18 – 2020/21.

2.    Notes the areas and pressures of increased demand in what are demand led services and the work to meet the financial pressures.

3.    Urges any preventative work to try to reduce future demands wherever possible.

4.    Urges officers to consider any additional ways for businesses to support those under the Work Choice scheme.

5.    Urges the creation of an integrated workforce especially in relation to health and social care to improve the efficiency of our service.

6.    Recognises the need to ensure our business systems are fit for purpose and that essential information is capable of being shared between relevant parties with confidence.

7.    Looks forward to receiving a report on proposals for a Local Authority Trading Company and what advantages this might bring.

8.    Approves the draft budget as a basis for consultation.


Supporting documents: