Agenda item

Agenda item

Fees & Charges Policy 2018-2021 and proposed Fees and Charges 2018


To consider and comment on the revised Central Bedfordshire Council Charging Policy 2018 – 2021 and the proposed Fees & Charges pricing schedule for January 2018.




The Assistant Director Finance delivered a report that detailed proposed changes to Fees and Charges from January 2018, the rationale behind the pricing options available and the advisory 2.3% price increase in line with the current inflation figure.  Members were informed the fees and charges were based on figures to recover costs incurred and did not generate a profit.  Any increase over and above the advisory 2.3% would be considered and would need to be agreed by the Executive and ratified by full Council. Proposed increases outside of the framework had been identified in the report along with charges that reflected a zero increase, confirmed as cost reflective and at the maximum level of charge.


A Member queried the frequency of use of some charges against the costs for those services and was advised that a project had been arranged to look at this area and to subsequently introduce a major overhaul of fees and charges over the next two years.


The Committee considered whether 2.3% was an appropriate increase when 2.9% was the new inflation figure.  The majority of Members supported a figure of 2.9%.. 



·         To Executive that an inflationary increase of 2.9% be applied to fees and charges

·         Details of the fees and charges project be provided to the Committee in March 2018.


Cllr Barker requested that her disapproval of the 2.9% increase be recorded. 

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