Agenda item

Agenda item


To receive and discuss petitions if any, in accordance with the Public Participation Procedure as set out in Part 4G of the Constitution.



The Council considered a petition received from Mr Bloxham.


“S106 monies are funds given to a community by a developer in order to help improve local facilities. When a development of 90 houses in Potton was recently approved, £42,000 of S106 for sport was allocated to a sporting facility in Biggleswade! Despite Potton Town Council, the developer and ward councillor Adam Zerny calling for this money to be allocated to Potton, CBC have refused. As Potton has a project in place for a similar facility, which also requires funding it seems unbelievable that money is given to a neighbouring town. We are appealing to Central Bedfordshire Council on behalf of the local community to re-allocate the funds to Potton.


We the undersigned are concerned residents who would urge our local council and property developers to act now.”


 In presenting the petition, Mr Bloxham spoke about concerns relating developments in Potton and the subsequent  pressure that was being placed on local infrastructure. He referred to Section 106 monies from developments in Potton that were being allocated to surrounding towns and villages.  He asked that monies be re-allocated to Potton.


The Chairman invited the Executive Members to respond to Mr Bloxham and the public speakers who had made representations under agenda item 4..  The Leader would reply to Mr Aldis during his announcements at agenda item 7.


The Executive Member for Regeneration responded to members of the public who had made representations under agenda item 4 in the order in which they had been received.


The Executive Member for Regeneration referred to concerns Mr Hobbs had raised about communities feeling that that they were not being properly consulted on plans.  He emphasised the importance of community planning and participation in the consulation process on the emerging Local Plan.


The Executive Member for Regeneration referred to Mr Shrimpton’s concerns about  traffic travelling through the village of Millbrook. He referred to Section 106 monies that had been allocated for further infrastructure in the area and would ask the Deputy Executive Member for Regeneration to contact Mr Shrimpton directly to work together on this issue.


The Member for Regeneration responded to Mrs Lawrence and outlined the role of SEMLEP and the pressures from government to proceed with the Oxford to Cambridge Arc, including with the development of additional housing.


The Member for Regeneration responded to Mr Lynch and Mr Besant about the historical value of Tempford airfield and referred to the emerging Local Plan.


The Executive Member for Community Services responded to Dr Egan.  He explained the limitations of the Council’s powers but emphasided that the authority was working with private land owners to try to address the current difficulties as well as lobbying Government.


The Executive Member for Health responded to Mrs Williams and advised that the Council would not be taking a vote on fluoridation  at this time.


The Executive Member for Regeneration thanked Mr Bloxham for presenting the petition. He spoke about securing monies for Potton and explained that the  allocation of monies for leisure projects has to be on the basis of need and sustainable scheme schemes.



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