Agenda item

Agenda item

Recommendations from the Executive

To consider a recommendation from the meeting of the Executive, 10 October 2017 and answer questions asked under Part 4A, Rule No. 13.1 of the Council’s Procedure Rules.


Fees and Charges 2018.




The Council considered recommendations from the Executive concerning Fees and Charges 2018.




1. that the revised Central Bedfordshire Council Charging Policy, as set out in Appendix A to the Executive report, be approved;      


2. that the pricing schedule for January 2018 Fees & Charges, as set out in Appendices B – J to the Executive report, be approved;


3. that the new Fees and Charges that are proposed to be introduced for 2018, as set out in Appendix K, be approved;


4. that an inflationary increase as at September of each year be applied to fees and charges and therefore the inflationary increase for 2018 be set at 2.9%; and


5.    that recommendations 1-3 be subject to recommendation 4.


Upon being put to the vote 49 Members voted in favour of the recommendations.



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