Agenda item

Agenda item

Draft Budgets 2018/19 MTFP, Housing Revenue Account and Draft Capital Programme


To consider and comment on the draft Budget, updated Medium Term Financial Plan, the Housing Revenue Account (Landlord Service) and Capital Programme pertaining to all Directorates and make recommendations to the Executive.


Hard copies have been distributed to Members by request and are available via the Modern.Gov app and the following link to the Executive papers: -




The Executive Member introduced the MTFP and draft Budgets reports and explained the Local Government Settlement had not yet been finalised and the budgets may require some minor tailoring once the settlement figure was known.  It was proposed to increase Council Tax by 1.5% and the Adult Social Care precept to continue at the rate of 3%. The outcome of the Budget consultation was awaited and would be taken into account by the Executive at their meeting in February. 


The Director of Resources referred to the efficiencies programme and the savings needed to achieve the proposed Budget.  Reductions in Council grant funding and additional pressures were of concern and the target of £14m savings was required in 18/19. 

The efficiencies proposed were in line with savings achieved in the past and amount to £120m in total since the Council was formed.  A caution was raised with regards to the budgeted pay offer, following a Union’s call to ballot its Members to reject the pay award. 


In light of the report, Members discussed the following in summary: -

·         Concern on pressures to Housing Services by the Homelessness legislation to be introduced in April 2018.

·         Pressure caused by the Special Educational Needs transport costs in Community Services.


The Director of Resources advised the Council had a duty to house a homeless person for 56 days and this was not to be confused with the Council’s Housing Allocations policy.  The Executive Member for Adult Social Care and Housing Operations (HRA) informed the Committee that a Member Briefing would be held to advise on the demands placed on the service and strategic approach being taken to managing a local system.


The Director of Children’s Services advised of the joint work being done with the Director of Community Services to bring the transport budget under control.  Procurement was part of a Board set up to look at the transport framework and look at the opportunities to drive costs down.


The Committee commended the work undertaken on the Capital Budget which had been well managed and supported by the excellent work undertaken by the Assets Team.


The Director of Resources advised repayment of capital borrowing on the Housing Revenue Account would be delayed in order to release funds to support the Homelessness service.  It was envisaged this would positively impact the supply of tenancies and fund the number of additional staff required to run the service.




(a)  Draft Budget and Medium Term Financial Plan 2018/19 - 21/22

·         That the Committee recognises the financial challenges and proposed efficiencies presented in the Draft Budget and Medium Term Financial Plan in the context of the statutory framework set out in Appendix F.

·         The Committee endorses the Draft Budget to Executive.

·         The Committee endorses the proposed Council Tax increase of 1.5% subject to consideration of the outcome of the public consultation and the Adult Social Care precept of 3%.

(b)  Draft Capital Programme

The Committee endorses to the Executive in full the draft Capital Programme 2018/19 – 2021/22


(c)  Draft Budget for the Housing Revenue Account (Landlord Services) 2018/19 – 2021/22 and Business Plan

That the Committee endorses the Draft HRA 2018/19– 2020/21 and Business Plan to Executive.


Supporting documents: