Agenda item

Agenda item

Budget Monitoring Outturn 2017/18


To receive and scrutinise the Outturn 2017/18 Budget Monitoring Report on all areas of Council Business:-


(a)  Outturn Revenue Budget Monitoring

(b)  Outturn Capital Budget Monitoring

(c)  Outturn HRA Budget Monitoring





The Director of Resources introduced the outturn Revenue Budget Monitoring reports that had resulted in an underspend that would be added to the reserves.  The draft Accounts had been completed in May in order that the Audit was completed by the end of July.  There were overspends on Educational Transport, Legal and Housing Benefit subsidy and these would be addressed through the Budget Framework report and closely monitored going forward.  In conclusion, the Revenue Budget was in a good position, however, there was no room for complacency.


In answer to a question about the procurement of fleet services and buses, the Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Resources advised the vehicles purchased included diggers for use at Thorn Turn, vehicles for the enforcement team, library services, mini buses for children and adults with special needs.  Each vehicle purchase had a firm written business case for its use.


The Committee commended the Executive Member and officers on the excellent position of the Capital Budget that considered the phasing of capital projects.


The Housing Revenue Account had achieved a surplus of £8.23m and would boost investment in Council houses.  It was noted there had been a slightly higher number of Right to Buy sales than anticipated.


NOTED the 2017/18 Outturn Budget monitoring reports. 



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