Agenda item

Agenda item

Fees and Charges January 2019


To consider and provide comments to the Executive on the proposed Fees and Charges pricing schedule and analysis for January 2019.




The Director of Resources introduced the Fees and Charges report that detailed in full charges and income.  There were a small number of increases proposed that were detailed in the analysis.  The increases were based on a 2.5% assumption forecast and the volumetric data identified how much would be raised by each fee.


The Committee welcomed the additional data and noted there were no major price increases with the exception of the 18% increase for Land Charges services.  In response the Director advised it was now necessary to charge VAT for this service, hence the increase.


In response to a question regarding recovering costs for the Blue Badge scheme, the Director informed Members the services had been successful in detecting fraudulent use.


RECOMMENDED to the Executive that the Fees and Charges 2019 be fully endorsed.  


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