Agenda item

Agenda item

Planning Application No. CB/18/03205/FULL (Caddington)


Address:       Land adjacent to Ashridge, Pepsal End Road, Pepperstock, Luton, LU1 4LJ


Erection of a production facility (with use classes B1(a) and B1(c) light industry appropriate in a residential area) with associated office, on-site parking and an access road off Pepsal End Road.


Applicant:    Mr/Mrs Harper


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The Committee had before it a report regarding Planning Application No. CB/18/03205/FULL for the erection of a production facility (with use classes B1(a) (offices) and B1(c) (light industry appropriate in a residential area)) with associated office, on site parking and access road off Pepsal End Road at land adjacent to Ashridge, Pepsal End Road, Pepperstock, Luton, LU1 4LJ.


In advance of consideration of the application the Committee’s attention was drawn to additional consultation, publicity responses and additional comments as set out in the Late Sheet as well as a representation from a public speaker.


The public speaker included a representation from Mr Harper as the applicant in support.


Committee Members discussed the following points:


           The planning officer summarised his report for Members and detailed reasons for refusal.


           Members discussed the benefits to the application, one of which was the new employment of 12 staff members within the business that already supports 40 staff.


           Members asked the applicant if he had considered other sites for the production facility, the applicant reported he had looked inside and outside the county but found no building suitable. Due to strict food safety requirements, a custom building is required. It was also noted that there is no parking on or local to the existing shop site, which was also a factor in considering where his staff could safely park.


           Members noted that the proposed facility was close to the applicant’s own property, the applicant reported that he did not believe there would be any adverse impact on his living conditions.


           The Chair read out a statement of support from the Ward Members who could not attend the Committee. The reasons of support stated there were no other sustainable or commercially viable sites outside the Green Belt and there are VSC’s (very special circumstances) in this case that outweigh the potential harm to the Green Belt, one of which being to support a thriving rural business to grow. They did however suggest two conditions to minimise any potential impact which were to propose that Land adjacent to No 11 Pepsal End Road/ Pedlars be retained as open space and land adjoining Pepsal End Road only be used as an access road to the production facility and that lorry / delivery movements to the production facility be limited to between the hours of 06:00 and 18:00.


           Members discussed the comments from neighbours consulted. It was agreed that the neighbouring properties should have protection with regards to buffering, screening and landscaping. It was agreed that a landscaping scheme should be a condition to submitted as suggested within the Landscaping Officers comments within the report. Members requested the planning officer be delegated to supply appropriate wording for a condition.


           Members agreed that the conditions discussed would be enough to mitigate any impact within the Green Belt and that the applicant will not find a more suitable or sustainable location.


           Members agreed that the VSC’s were enough to justify any impact on the green belt, those being supported by paragraph 80 of the NPPF – conditions in which a business can grow and adapt, significant weight should be given to supporting economic growth and paragraph 83a which supports sustainable business growth in rural areas through well designed buildings.


           Members noted that the existing café in the business was a valuable community asset and the planning benefits outweigh the damage.


           Members agreed to move to APPROVE the application, against officers recommendations, with the additions of conditions to maintain open space adjacent to 11 Pepsal End Road/ Pedlars and to limit the hours of delivery/lorry movements to mitigate the impact on the Green Belt and to have a detailed landscaping scheme conditioned to protect neighbouring properties as discussed.


On being put to the vote for APPROVAL, 9 voted in favour, 2 against and 1 abstention.




That the Planning Application No. CB/18/03205/FULL at land adjacent to Ashridge, Pepsal End Road, Pepperstock, Luton, LU1 4LJ be approved as set out in the schedule attached to these minutes.




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