Agenda item

Agenda item

Draft Budgets 2019/20 MTFP, Draft Budget for the Housing Revenue Account (Landlord Business Plan) and Draft Capital Programme.


Members are requested to consider and comment to the Executive on:-

1.    The draft Budget and updated Medium Term Financial Plan (pages)

2.    Capital Programme pertaining to all Directorates (pages)

3.    The Housing Revenue Account (Landlord Service) (pages)




The Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Corporate Resources introduced the draft 2019/20 Budget report and MTFP.  A balanced budget had been produced and a small increase to Council Tax proposed.


Members welcomed the budget proposals and noted that the gradual increase in short term borrowing was due to world wide issues.  In response to a question regarding the Council’s contingency, the Director of Resources advised the contingency amount met CIPFA guidance requirements and there were no current plans to use it.


The Executive Member advised a small increase in funds had been received for Social Care plus a new grant that would be split between Children’s and Adult Services for social care.


In response to a question on what services would receive additional monies if Council Tax was raised to 2%, the Executive Member advised public feedback from the consultation had pointed towards a 0% increase rather than a 2% rise. 


Members considered the Capital Budget and noted the Council had continued with its ambitious programme of schemes.  The Council, achieved much of its capital spend in 2018/19 and the Assets Team were commended by the Committee.


The Housing Revenue Account continued with its excellent track record and had continued to be an enormous benefit to the Council.  Following developments to lift the HRA cap, it too had proposed an ambitious programme.  There had been compelling cases to help our residents and provide accommodation for the homeless and affordable homes.  The Committee supported and welcomed housing operations proposals and recognised the excellent work in this service area.




1.    That the Committee felt confident that the Draft Budget and Medium Term Financial Plan, Capital Programme and Housing Revenue Account were well considered and that they had been prepared in the context of the statutory framework set out in Appendix F. In light of which the Committee endorsed these reports to the Executive.

2.    That the Committee endorsed the proposed Council Tax increase of 1% subject to consideration of the outcome of the public consultation.


Supporting documents: