Agenda item

Agenda item

Planning Application No. CB/17/05679/OUT (Caddington)


Address:       Land adjoining Dunstable Road and to the rear of My Folly and the Scout Hut, Dunstable Road, Caddington, LU1 4AL


Outline Application: Residential development and associated infrastructure.


Applicant:     Bedfordshire Land Promotions





The Committee had before it a report regarding Planning Application No. CB/17/05679/OUT for an outline application for residential development and associated infrastructure at Land adjoining Dunstable Road and to the rear of My Folly and the Scout Hut, Dunstable Road, Caddington, LU1 4AL.


In advance of consideration of the application the Committee’s attention was drawn to additional consultation/publicity responses as set out in the Late Sheet as well as representations from public speakers.


The public speakers included a representation in objection from Parish Councillor A Palmer and a representation from the applicant in support from C Dadds.


Committee Members discussed the following points:


           It was noted that Cllr K Collins would speak as the Ward Member and then leave the chamber during the discussion and vote.


           The Parish Council representative raised concerns regarding flooding in the area, and also stated that the Parish Council does not want the future financial burden of another play area as proposed in the application as they are struggling to maintain what they already have. The Councillor was also concerned about the access to the site being on a on a blind turn.


           It was noted by the speaker for the applicant that the applicant has cleared site of Japanese’s knot weed and has engaged in significant discussions with drainage officers. It was stated that traffic calming has been discussed and has been accepted by Highways and a suitable scheme will come forward. It was noted that the play area was a council policy compliancy issue, but the applicant would be happy to commute a sum to something else if required.


           A Member asked for clarification on whether the flowers outside scout hut would be reinstated after the building works. The speaker for the applicant replied the flowers were currently situated on Highways land but would happily work with the Parish Council or someone from the Scouts to come up with a scheme to replace them along with footpath improvements for a safer access to the Scout Hut.


           A Member asked how much consultation the applicant has had with local area. The speaker for the applicant replied that there had been various conversations with the Parish Council and a formal public consultation, along with on-going dialogue with Scouts.


           A Member asked in event of commuted sum for play area, would the ground be retained as Public Open Space. The speaker for the applicant responded that they would be retaining the boundary trees and landscaping with buffer to the North and West boundary with additional landscaping and ecology. If there was no play area then he assumed that it would revert to agriculture as it is at the moment with drainage running across it. It was noted that this option had not been discussed.


           The Ward Member stated that he would be speaking on behalf of both Ward Members. He reported that most of the concerns raised by Ward Members in 2017 have been addressed by the application but the Parish Council still have concerns. Residents and neighbours have been in contact with Ward Members and raised concerns about risk of flooding, with worries about the volume of water flowing into the culvert as that floods into their houses. Water management was a major concern throughout the application as water from the pond has regularly flooded. The Planning Officer acknowledged that there was a flooding issue in the area and Condition 15 required a detailed drainage scheme be submitted at detailed planning stage, he noted that so far the SUDS team have accepted what has been proposed as it would be an improvement to what is existing.


           The Ward Member also had concerns with the lack of traffic calming at this area. It was stated that vehicles could easily get to 60mph down this point of Dunstable Road. It was noted that the Ward Member had not seen the proposed traffic calming that had been discussed, however he was happy that it would be appropriate if it had been agreed with Highways. The Planning Officer acknowledged that Dunstable road does have speeding issues and recognised that the section needs to be managed via traffic calming measures. It was agreed that would start from Holly Farm Close and end within the centre of the village. Three features have been proposed, including a Zebra crossing near the application site and for it to comply with regulations, there would be speed cushions or speed tables. Highways are satisfied that this can be done through an S106 obligation and be triggered at pre-occupation stage to not impede construction.


           The Ward Member supported the Parish Council’s view that another play area is not required and it was preferable to enhance what is existing. The Planning Officer noted the Parish Councils comments and stated that the Leisure Officer would need to look at any proposals, he also noted that if the play area was to go ahead it would not have to be transferred to the Parish Council. This would be looked into at Reserve Matters stage where there could be an S106 obligation to have the area as a designated Public Open Space.


           The Ward Member stated that it was important that Scout Hut is retained, and he is pleased to see that there are proposals to upgrade the well-used footpath. The Planning Officer noted that Condition 11 states that noise mitigation must be in place to protect residents from noise that maybe produced by outdoor activities at the Scout Hut, this would be submitted at the detailed planning stage.


           A Member raised concerns that the site had no relationship to village and had concerns about the layout that she suggested be looked into at Reserve Matters stage.


           Members agreed to move as set out with the additions S106 obligations for traffic calming and to retain the play area as Public Open Space.


On being put to the vote for APPROVAL, 11 voted in favour, 1 against and 1 abstention.




That the Planning Application No. CB/17/05679/OUT at Land adjoining Dunstable Road and to the rear of My Folly and the Scout Hut, Dunstable Road, Caddington, LU1 4AL be approved as set out in the schedule attached to these minutes.



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