Committee details

Committee details


Purpose of committee

The Schools Forum is a statutory body whose purpose is to advise on matters relating to the Council’s schools budget and other matters concerning the funding of schools.




  • Paul Burrett  (Non-School Members)  Church of England Diocese
  • Peter Cohen  (School Members)  Academy of Central Bedfordshire / Oak Bank
  • Joe Creswick  (School Members)  Ivel Valley School
  • Leigh Davies  (School Members)  Willow Nursery
  • Caren Earp  (School Members) 
  • Carl Field  (School Members)  Alameda Middle School
  • Martin Foster  (Non-School Members)  GMB
  • Karen Hayward  (Chairman)  Sandy Upper School
  • Michael Howe  (School Members)  Leighton Middle School
  • Sue Howley MBE  (Vice-Chairman)  Parklands Middle School
  • James Hughes  (School Members)  Beecroft Academy
  • Mary Morris  (Non-School Members)  Catholic Diocese
  • Sarah Mortimer  (Non-School Members)  Post-16 Education Representative
  • Alexia Moyle  (School Members)  Greenleas Lower School
  • Joanna New  (School Members)  Flitwick Lower School
  • David Penfold  (School Members)  Cranfield C of E Academy
  • Joe Selmes  (School Members)  Weatherfield Academy Special School
  • Manhaz Smith  (School Members)  Priory Academy
  • Sue Teague  (School Members)  Caddington and Slip End Lower School
  • Stephen Tiktin  (School Members)  Beaudesert Lower School
  • Sally Wells  (School Members)  St Andrew's Lower School
  • Connie White  (School Members)  The Harlington and Sundon Academy Trust

Contact information

Support officer: Sharon Griffin. 0300 300 5066