Committee details

Committee details


Purpose of committee

The Local Transport Board will make decisions on scheme prioritisation and funding to the Accountable Body.  In this regard the Local Transport Board and the Accountable Body shall be responsible for the following roles in relation to devolved Local Authority major scheme funding:

·        ensuring Value for Money is achieved.

·        identifying a prioritised list of investments within the available budget.

·        making decisions on individual scheme approval, investment decision making and release of funding, including scrutiny of individual scheme business cases.

·        monitoring progress of scheme delivery and spend.

·        actively managing the devolved budget and programme to respond to changed circumstances, including programme slippage, scheme alteration, or cost increases.


In addition to the above, the Local Transport Board shall act as a forum for the expression of views on other transport matters including, but not limited to

·        bilateral discussions with Network Rail;

·        responding to wider consultations on strategic transport proposals and changes to transport policy, and

·        funding decisions from national transport agencies.


  • Glenn Barcham   
  • Hilary Chipping   
  • Eric Cooper   
  • Keith Dove   
  • Cllr Andrew Geary   
  • David Gingell   
  • Mayor Dave Hodgson   
  • Alan Kirkdale   
  • David Lawson   
  • Dr Ann Limb OBE DL   
  • Melanie MacLeod   
  • Brian Matthews   
  • Cllr D Taylor  (Luton Borough Councillor) 
  • Cllr J Nigel Young  (Chairman) 

Contact information

Support officer: Sandra Hobbs. 0300 300 5257