Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

Revenue, Capital and Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Quarter 2 Budget Monitor Reports

12/12/2013 - September 2013/14 Housing Revenue Account Budget Monitoring Revenue and Capital Report


1.         That the Revenue forecast position is to achieve a balanced budget with a contribution to Housing Revenue Account Reserves of £7.131m, thus strengthening the Council’s ability to invest and improve its stock of Council Houses.

2.         That the Capital forecast position indicates that expenditure will be £2.345m less than the budget.  This is due to lower than anticipated expenditure on the Dukeminster project and implementation of Housing Asset Management Strategy.

3.         That Right to Buy sales will be monitored for the possible impact on predicted surpluses in the medium to longer term.

12/12/2013 - September 2013 - Quarter 2 Capital Budget Monitoring Report

1.      To note that the overall forecast position is to spend £76.2m compared to budget of £94.6m, a variance of £18.4m as a result of an underspend of £0.8m.

2.      To defer spend to 2014/15 of £19.2m.


12/12/2013 - September 2013 - Quarter 2 Revenue Budget Monitoring Report

1.      That the revenue forecast position is noted as a projected overspend of £1.8M.

2.      That officers continue with their efforts to achieve a minimum balanced outturn or an underspend.