Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

European Structural Investment Funds (ESIF)

08/10/2015 - European Structural Investment Funds (ESIF)

1.      That the approach to bidding for ESIF funds, maximising opportunities by working with partners in the South East Midlands and beyond, and identifying appropriate match funding to support this, be approved.

2.      That Central Bedfordshire Council continue to act as a lead partner for bids under the ESIF programme, specifically a £3.9m European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) bid and an European Social Fund (ESF) bid of approximately £16.8m, including match funding over three year programme periods.

3.      To authorise the Director of Regeneration and Business and the Section 151 Officer to proceed with the development and submission of the ERDF and ESF bids, in consultation with the Executive Members for Regeneration and Education and Skills.  If successful, the final approval to enter the Bid Agreements would rest with the Executive.