Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

Quarter 2 2017/18 Housing Revenue Account Budget Monitoring

07/12/2017 - Housing Revenue Account Budget Monitoring September 2017 (Quarter 2)

1.         That the revenue forecast position to achieve a balanced budget with a contribution to HRA Reserves of £6.182M, thus strengthening the Council’s ability to invest and improve its stock of Council homes, be noted.

2.         To note that the capital forecast position indicates a net outturn of £8.227M against a budget of £14.342M.  The deferral of £2.539M of future investment works to 2018/19, be approved.

3.         That Right to Buy (RtB) sales will be monitored for the possible impact on predicted surpluses in the medium to longer term.

4.         That the virement of the underspend at Croft Green (£3.725M) to the New Build and Acquisitions budget line, to enable further purchases of properties that will address the increasing temporary accommodation pressure in the General Fund, be approved.