Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

Gypsy & Traveller Sites - Billington

03/08/2017 - Gypsy & Traveller Sites - Billington

1.         That the start of formal public consultation on the recommended proposal be approved to:

·         acquire both Greenacres and The Stables Gypsy and Traveller sites, using a Compulsory Purchase Order, if required;

·         acquire land, as close to the current site as possible, to build a new Council owned and managed Gypsy and Traveller site;

·         dismantle the existing sites and apply for change of use on completion of a new site;

and alternative proposals.

2.         That a report be submitted to a future meeting of the Executive advising of the outcome of the consultation and making recommendations about the future of the Greenacres and The Stables Gypsy and Traveller sites.