Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

Central Bedfordshire Local Plan

11/01/2018 - Central Bedfordshire Local Plan


1.      To note that the Local Plan identifies the importance of development being infrastructure led and requests officers to ensure that priority is given to the early delivery of the infrastructure, including through the master planning process for the proposed allocations.

2.      To note that the Local Plan recognises and addresses the importance of avoiding coalescence and requests officers to consider how this could be strengthened even further through supporting technical guidance that further emphasises the importance of countryside gaps to support the sustainable growth approach that underpins the Plan.

3.      To ensure that new developments and homes are constructed to a high standard, the Council will continue to press the Government for powers to ensure this.


1.         that the draft Pre-Submission Local Plan be approved for the purposes of publication; and

2.         to delegate authority to the Director of Regeneration and Business, in consultation with the Executive Member for Regeneration, to make any minor amendments to the Local Plan prior to publication.