Issue - decisions

Issue - decisions

Cranfield Community Building

09/08/2018 - Cranfield Community Building

1.      That Cranfield Parish Council be nominated to accept the offer of the Cranfield Community Building, comprising a community hall, meeting rooms, community space, reception area, changing rooms, 1 junior football pitch, 2 intermediate size football pitches and cricket square with outfield, kitchen and other ancillary facilities, from Persimmon Plc.  This being subject to the following:

a.    submission of a satisfactory Building Management Plan by Cranfield Parish Council indicating how it will manage all future responsibilities and liabilities associated with the community building;

b.    approval by CBC of the football and cricket pitch construction specifications;

c.    satisfactory completion of the construction of the sports pitches named in (b); and

d.    satisfactory completion of the car park.

2.      To authorise the Director of Community Services, in consultation with the Executive Member for Corporate Resources, to consider the Community Building Management Plan for approval when submitted by Cranfield Parish Council.

3.      Subject to (1) and (2) above approve the payment of the community building commuted sum to Cranfield Parish Council and the Parish Council be invited to consider the need to raise their precept to contribute towards the operation of the building.

4.      That the approved draft transfer deed of the Cranfield Community Building contain a restrictive covenant to protect the use of the site for the purposes of a community hall and that all future responsibilities and liabilities associated with the community building lie within Cranfield Parish Council.

15/06/2018 - Cranfield Community Building

This item was withdrawn.