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Future Potential Development of Windsor Drive Recreation Field

We the undersigned petition the council to review the potential future housing development on green open space in Houghton Regis at Windsor Drive.

The proposed development we have been advised about is to put 100 new houses plus open space improvements on an open field used by local residents for exercise, dog walking and recreation. It is used by local footballers and rounders teams in the summer but also for walks by a large number of the local population of Houghton Regis.

There is already thousands of houses being built in Houghton Regis with the new Linmere Development on top of what has already been recently built. This space is more important than ever to keep for recreation for local residents given the additional burden and subsequent mental health issues people are experiencing due to COVID-19. It’s critical that we maintain green space such as this.

For years we campaigned to move traffic away from Windsor Drive for the safety of local residents due to volume of traffic and pollution. With the opening of the Woodside link, we improved the huge traffic flow through such a small area. To add another 100 houses in such a small area would impact greatly on the surrounding area.

This will impact on all surrounding roads and residents so Windsor Drive, Tennyson Avenue, Halleys Way, Longbrooke predominately but also Bloomsbury Gardens and all roads around the Lowry Drive area and Tudor Drive Area.

This ePetition runs from 04/03/2021 to 24/05/2021.

494 people have signed this ePetition.